This is us

Getting ahead in getting ahead.

We want our clients to get ahead. This applies to candidates as well as to clients. That’s why we have been working as a recruitment agency for the largest and most renowned companies in Switzerland since 1998. However, the word “work” is not quite the right word. We live recruitment. In all its facets. 

Swiss banks, IT and Telecom providers, international insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies use us to find suitable candidates for their most interesting tasks. We offer qualified specialists the opportunities they have always been waiting for. And we offer our clients the high potentials without whom no company can outgrow itself. 

CHF turnover every year since 2011
CVs with GDPR clearance in the database
Project requests per year
Active clients (including the most renowned companies in Switzerland)
Quick solutions, Strong candidates, Excellent results


When there’s a fire, when you need extremely high-performing specialists quickly, then we’re the first contact to call. Especially for IT projects and project management. We find qualified resources for important project assignments within a few days. Which has less to do with magic than with our extremely powerful database, in which over 30,000 CVs are stored. This enables us to successfully answer the more than 100 project requests we receive from our clients each month. This is how we have become the market leader in Switzerland and have a “preferred supplier” status with many renowned companies. The focus is on companies from the banking, technology, insurance, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors as well as the public sector. 

To the Contracting-Service

The all-round carefree package from experts for experts


If you are a highly qualified specialist working in Switzerland, you already have enough to do with your actual tasks. You shouldn’t have to worry about your payroll and accounting. In particular for well-paid specialists, it may involve some challenges that cannot be solved in passing. No matter whether it’s a matter of pure formalities or crucial payroll issues. With our payroll-service, you get an all-around carefree package. For our clients, we take care of the entire administration for external employees in Switzerland in a legally compliant and efficient manner. In doing so, we clarify any questions regarding social insurance, tax law, and labor law. Our team of experts maintains an active exchange with the Swiss authorities. They know how to deal with the various cantonal regulations and comply with the specific legislation on taxes and social security contributions.  

To the Payroll-Service

We go the extra mile for you

Going the Extra Mile

At RM Group, we believe that good is not good enough. We want to bring out the best for our clients and candidates. And the best is not achieved with standard solutions. This means that our approach is more personally tailored. Our processes are optimised and ISO certified. Our IT is always technologically up to date. Our background knowledge is more comprehensive, our expertise more detailed and our ambition more burning. We are never completely satisfied with ourselves so that we can satisfy you in every way. Your success is our success. And the ultimate measure of all things.

Our Extra Mile for You

Facts and Figures about RM Group:

  • Always under active management since 1998.
  • Market leader in Switzerland in IT contracting and payrolling.
  • Framework contract partner of the largest Swiss companies.
  • Focused on (IT) professionals and overall on the white-collar market.
  • Approx. 60 committed employees from over 15 nations.

Our Milestones


we founded our company. And we are still on board.


we can sum up our philosophy in one sentence: "Going the Extra Mile"


we move to a larger office for the second time.


Berlin becomes our second site.


even the second location is already too small. We move to Berlin-Kreuzberg.


there are now 60 ambitious, highly committed employees.


we grow, and grow, and grow. A larger office is needed.


our standards are certified (ISO 9001).


the next certificate are due. This time for the Data Security (GoodPriv@cy®) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating (SMETA).


awarded first Silver CSR-rating level by EcoVadis.


sign the “Diversity Charter” because we have lived diversity since day one. For our 20th anniversary, we are awarded as “Bester Personaldienstleister”.


first change in CEO after 23 years. Awarded first Gold CSR-rating level by EcoVadis. We officially support the “Global LGBTI Equality”.

The RM Group Team