Your career at RM Group

Do you want to prove yourself? At RM Group, you'll get every chance to do so.

If someone likes you want to make a career, then they need to join a growing, dynamic company where there are always new opportunities for advancement. RM Group is just such a company and we are growing organically. 

When it comes to contracting, we play in the premier league. That’s why we need players like you.

We are very successful as a team. That is why we are also growing , and need to strengthen our team. With team players and top performers like you. Whoever joins us and performs well can also hope for many attractive opportunities for promotion. The only thing is that it has to fit. That’s why we demand not only a high level of motivation from our employees but also social competence. We want to maintain our good team spirit. And that includes humanity, respect, and attention. With us, no one has to go down to the basement to laugh.

Internal jobs with the chance of promotion

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Your way to our RM Group team.

Even if you’re a high potential and we’re a top team, that doesn’t mean we’ll fit together. And it has to fit, otherwise, neither of us will be happy. That’s why we have developed a process to make sure that both you and we are a good fit.  

  • Once we have received your application and you have been shortlisted, we will invite you to a Teams/telephone interview. Here you can get to know our HR team, get a first impression of us and get to know you. 

9 good reasons to join us.

Your lateral entry at RM Group.

For us, it requires only one thing: Your motivation and your personality!

If you convince us with your appearance and your motivation, you are the perfect match for our team – no matter which kind of professional experience you have or not. When you are applying for one of our jobs, point out:

  • Why are you interested in the sector of staffing services?
  • Why do you want to change your job and the industry sector?
  • Which strengths are you bringing in for our position?
  • What are your long-term professional goals?


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Our HR team is more than happy to answer your questions.