RM Group in Support of the CEO4Climate Initiative: Striving for Net Zero Emissions

Yohan Bräunling – CEO of RM Group AG recently attended the CEO4Climate conference held at Google office in Zurich. The event gathered around 60 CEOs of renowned major Swiss companies to exchange experience and ideas on the topic of Net zero as a driver innovation. A panel of experts, along with Urs Hölzle, the former Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, delved into the inquiry of how setting ambitious climate goals can drive innovation.

In a referendum held in June this year, a little over 59% of voters endorsed a new legislation, which mandates Switzerland to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This means that the country will need to offset or remove as much climate-altering pollution from the atmosphere as it produces. This referendum was partially initiated in response to the rapid melting of the country’s glaciers.

The primary emphasis of the conference was centered on the recognition that businesses should take the lead in instigating change and exploring effective strategies for its implementation. Respectively came the awareness that the CEOs play a crucial role in climate innovation, motivating and empowering employees in every company.

Expressing his deep concern for the subject, Yohan Bräunling discusses the key foundations that RM Group has already put in place as part of the journey toward achieving net-zero emissions within the company:

“We’ve made our office operations almost paperless and shifted to using renewable energy for commuting. We promote eco-friendly transportation like public transit, biking, or walking, and provide subsidies for public transport across all locations. Additionally, we’ve significantly restricted and closely monitored corporate air travel.” 

Thus, RM Group is passionately driven to commitment to sustainability and trying continuously to reduce its carbon footprint. Opting for train travel between Zurich and Berlin, investing in renewable power sources like solar panels, and setting clear targets for a substantial reduction by 2029, Yohan Bräunling leads the company towards a greener future. This aligns with the broader recognition of businesses playing a vital role in fostering positive environmental change.