• Ort: Zurich, Zürich
  • Typ: Contract
  • Job #19570

Data Scientist (Python,SQL)

Von |2022-12-02T13:33:20+00:00Dezember 2nd, 2022|

Data Scientist vacancy for a globally operating Zürich based company in the technological sector. Your tasks: Developing code, building statistical models, setting up surveys and analyzing survey results Establishing and maintaining infrastructure like database tables, dashboards, automation scripts, websites, documentation Collaborating with Designers, Qualitative Researchers, Engineers and Product Managers to measure advertiser centric metrics Improving [...]

C# Developer / Risk

Von |2022-12-01T17:13:36+00:00Dezember 1st, 2022|

C# Developer / Risk vacancy for our Basel based client in the financial sector. Your tasks: Contributing to the continued development of the Risk IT micro-services stack Developing of a distributed risk calculation platform Enhancing small systems and credit checking to OpenShift Strengthening Risk IT’s’ DevSecOps processes       Your experience/knowledge: Very strong working development experience [...]

Workplace Engineer – Intune and SCCM

Von |2022-12-01T15:58:12+00:00Dezember 1st, 2022|

Workplace Engineer vacancy requiring profound Intune and SCCM knowledge for our Zurich based client in the financial sector. Your tasks: Supporting eWP team with end-point platform and end-user application management Taking ownership of eWP team tasks from understanding of the change to its successful delivery Planning and implementing the technical blueprint for the change with [...]

Customer-Service Consultant / Fluent Italian + (German or French)

Von |2022-12-01T16:53:22+00:00Dezember 1st, 2022|

Customer Service Consultant per un'azienda di Bellinzona operante a livello globale nel settore delle telecomunicazioni. Le vostre manzioni: Gestire e assistere i clienti privati in entrata nei settori di telefonia fissa, Internet e TV Rispondere alle richieste dei clienti in italiano, tedesco o francese a seconda del profilo Informare e riconoscere le esigenze dei clienti [...]

Control M Engineer

Von |2022-12-01T15:58:09+00:00November 30th, 2022|

Control M Engineer vacancy for a globally operating Basel based company in the financial sector. Your tasks: Being responsible for administering the ControlM platform and ensuring Service Level Agreements including covering the end-to-end process Overseeing the lifecycle management of the ControlM platform Acting as technical advisor for the team responsible of the ControlM platform Advising [...]

Frontend Developer – Angular / TypeScript / JavaEE (German Speaking)

Von |2022-12-02T08:33:30+00:00November 30th, 2022|

Frontend Developer Position einhergehend mit Kenntnissen in Angular, TypeScript und JavaEE bei unserem Kunden aus dem Finanzbereich in Zürich zu besetzen. Ihre Aufgaben: Verantworten der Weiterentwicklung der bestehenden Microservices in Java mittels State-of-the-Art Frameworks Erstellen neuer Java Microservices mit Angular-Frontend zur vereinfachten Erfassung von Finanzierungsgeschäften für die Kundenbetreuer Implementieren der Frontend- & Backend-Anforderungen sowie Einbringen [...]

ICT Architect – Transition Lead (Microsoft 365) / Fluent German

Von |2022-12-02T11:13:12+00:00November 30th, 2022|

ICT Architect - Transition Lead Position einhergehend mit Kenntnissen in Microsoft 365 bei unserem Kunden aus dem Telekommunikationsbereich in Bern zu besetzen. Ihre Aufgaben: Entwickeln von Lösungen und Konzepten für die Einführung von Microsoft 365 Services auf Basis der vorhandenen Managed Solutions und des Consulting Frameworks Bestätigen der Kundenangebote sowie das Bearbeiten technischer Fragen bei [...]

Business Analyst – Credit Risk (German speaking)

Von |2022-12-02T08:33:30+00:00November 29th, 2022|

Business Analyst Position einhergehend mit Kenntnissen in Credit Risk bei unserem Kunden aus dem Finanzbereich in Zürich zu besetzen. Ihre Aufgaben: Durchführen von Detailanalysen sowie Spezifikation der Features und Stories Unterstützen des Entwickler-Teams bei Fragen und Abklärungen Verantworten der Testfallerstellung Durchführen des Testings der Features und Stories in allen Testumgebungen inklusive End-to-End Testing Nachführen relevanter [...]

Scrum Master

Von |2022-12-01T15:58:11+00:00November 29th, 2022|

Scrum Master CRM vacancy for our Zurich based company in the financial sector. Your tasks: Developing the agile team’s way of working across Empowerment, Transparency, Collaboration and Discipline Supporting the teams growth and evolution into a high performing unit Coaching and supporting the Agile team members to grow and succeed       Your experience/knowledge: Strong experience [...]

Product Owner / Product Structuring/ Regulatory

Von |2022-12-01T15:58:11+00:00November 28th, 2022|

Product Owner vacancy for a globally operating Zurich based company in the financial sector. Your tasks: Managing and prioritizing the product backlog Overseeing development stages Serving as a liaison between product and development Acting as a primary point of contact and anticipating customer needs Your experience/knowledge: Experience in product structuring, origination, product issuance flow, as [...]

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