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Recruiting Trends 2023

The world of work is changing. To remain competitive, recruiters must stay up to date and adapt to the changing market. 

We’ve put together 5 recruiting trends you cannot ignore in 2023. 


1.Social recruiting 

Social recruiting is one of the most important trends in talent acquisition. Companies are increasingly using social media channels to attract and win talent. 

They now find their ideal candidates mainly through virtual recruitment methods, using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. 49% of HR managers report that their company plans to use virtual recruitment methods more intensively in 2023. 

2.Flexible work

In order to contain the spread of the Corona virus, working from home has become established in the past 3 years. However, researchers expect that people will continue to make use of the remote work principle long after COVID-19 and that this way of working will become more and more common. 

Job applicants will welcome such flexible working time models; therefore, companies must adapt to this change in the world of work in order to remain competitive in an increasingly applicant-oriented labor market. 

This situation has also opened up more opportunities for companies to access global talent without the limitations that come with geographic boundaries. As a result, there are more and more collaboration tools and software that make it easier to work remotely.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These technologies are being used to automate and streamline recruiting processes, such as resume screening and candidate matching. 

4. Soft Skills 

According to a study by LinkedIn, 89% of poorly hired applicants often lack basic soft skills such as creativity, teamwork, adaptability, persuasiveness and time management. 

Recognizing such skills has usually been a major challenge for HR managers. Therefore, it is necessary to redesign the assessment process and consider soft skills in addition to hard skills. In the future, HR managers will be more interested in applicants’ behavioral patterns, choice of words, body language and similar factors. 

5. Modern job ads

The job advertisement is becoming increasingly important to stand out from competitors. A study has shown that creative ads attract more attention and are viewed longer. For example, images, videos, humor, or intelligent structuring can be used in an ad. Gamification and recruitment games, known as “recruitainment,” are also a way to generate attention. Nowadays, a job advertisement is no longer just an ad, but an essential part of the employer branding strategy. According to a study, around 60% of applicants draw conclusions about the company from a job advertisement. Therefore, it is an important channel for conveying corporate values. A positive applicant experience can be achieved through precise content that quickly gets to the point. Bullet points are therefore more popular than text. Likewise, the application forms included in the ad should be kept brief.