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Profond pension scheme extended until 2029

RM Group has been providing pension services from Profond since 2005 and has now extended this relationship for another 5 years. After reviewing various options, Profond has been confirmed as the most convincing choice for RM Group’s contingent and permanent workforce for the following reasons:

  1. Highest interest to employees: Profond has been credited with an average interest rate of 3.32% over the past 10 years, which is the best in class according to the pension fund comparison (Pensionskassenvergleich) of the Sonntag Zeitung and Finanz und Wirtschaft last year. In fact, Profond has won this award for most of the past decade.
  2. Choice of different options: Profond offers a choice of up to 3 different pension schemes for RM Group’s staff, tailored to the typical requirements of the company’s white-collar and generally well-paid workforce. While the standard option offers mandatory protection and therefore maximal cash-out, the top-end schemes have a savings contribution of 20% of the salary.
  3. Great service: Profond has won the award for best service in the Pensionskassenvergleich.

4. Better protection for the worst case: Profond provides much higher benefits for survivors through separation of personal BVG savings and risk. With this method, the entire individual retirement assets are paid out to the survivors in addition to the spouse’s and partner’s pension.

5. Competitive pricing: Profond offers great value. ;s Most of the pension costs go directly into the personal savings account and a mandatory minimum is defined. The cost for risk premium and administration, however, can differ greatly, and Profond offers competitive pricing as one can see in our Payroll Calculator. (our competitors are generally not as transparent – you may need to ask them to separate the different elements of the BVG costs) 

6. Relevant scale: Profond manages more than 60,000 insured persons and more than 10 billion assets under management and is financially stable.

Sustainable: Profond has published its “Responsible Investment 2022”, which summarizes its endeavours in the area of investment and shows the fields in which it has developed and to which it is committed. Although Profond has not yet won the Pensionskassenvergleich award for this aspect, it is ranked in the top 10 for sustainability. 

Profond Recognised for Excellence in Pension Fund Comparison

We are also happy to announce that Profond, our trusted pension fund partner, has been ranked first place for the highest interest rate over ten years (2014–2023) and second place for the highest investment return over three years (2021–2023) in the pension fund comparison by SonntagsZeitung and Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Additionally, Profond was honoured with the Innovation Award this year.

As clients, we appreciate Profond’s efforts to bridge the knowledge gap about the second pillar through educational initiatives like learning videos and online quizzes, making complex topics easier to understand.

We are proud to partner with Profond and look forward to continuing to benefit from their top-tier performance and innovative approaches.