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Sustainable Walk to Work for a Greener Tomorrow

Our employees’ commute to work plays a significant role in the overall sustainability efforts we all treasure. We are encouraging sustainable commuting options, such as public transportation, cycling, walking, or carpooling, as this can substantially reduce the environmental impact of our travel.

At RM Group, sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint are not just buzzwords – they are values that drive our daily operations and future strategies. Sustainability in our corporate context goes beyond mere compliance with regulations; it involves a proactive commitment to minimising environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring long-term economic viability. We are all aware that we play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint and we recognise the importance of this every day.

We have evaluated the current status of carbon emissions from our daily commutes and have rated the level of eco-friendly transportation options. We are proud to announce that our environmentally conscious employees have taken the initiative to support and lead our efforts towards a cleaner and safer planet.

Here are the general outcomes in figures:

83% of us are walking, using bikes, or travelling by train

58% of us consider low carbon emissions and environmental concerns as very important in our choice of transportation for our daily commute.

50% are already using or planning to have an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Thanks to the strategic locations of all our offices in Zurich, Berlin and Sofia, it is possible to get to work using key transport links such as trains, underground or tram lines. According to the annual European Railway Station Index survey, evaluating fifty major stations to guide consumers towards the best travel experiences, Zurich’s HBF remains the number one station in Europe, while the Berlin HBF is ranked third.

Choosing eco-friendly transportation alternatives like walking or cycling can boost physical activity and improve overall health. Over 30% of our staff walk more than 4 km each day, while approximately 25% opt to cycle to work on sunny days

We at RM Group provide options for remote work and flexible schedules which reduce the need for daily commutes, contributing to our sustainability goals. Our flexible work policies also enhance employee’s well-being.

We take pride in the fact that our employees’ commuting habits align with our corporate sustainability values. This helps us reduce our environmental impact, promote health and well-being, and cultivate a positive workplace culture. We remain committed to encouraging and facilitating sustainable commuting options as part of our broader commitment to environmental and social sustainability.