Have you ever considered working in Switzerland?

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Have you ever considered working in Switzerland? Working in Switzerland can be an attractive option for many professionals, especially those working in finance, pharmaceutical, and technology industries. Working in Switzerland may also come with certain challenges but for many, the benefits of living and working in Switzerland outweigh them. We at RM [...]

Working and living in Switzerland as a foreigner (EU/EFTA)

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Swiss Labor Market   The Swiss labor market remains strong and the Swiss economy continues to grow. As the economy continues to grow and the retirement rate increases, a significant labor gap is expected in the coming years, with forecasts estimating hundreds of thousands of job openings in the near future.   At the [...]

Quality of life in Switzerland

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Quality of life in Switzerland Switzerland lives up to its reputation of being safe, efficient, and liberal. Economically, the country ranks among the most productive and stable economies in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has an excellent transportation infrastructure. Thanks to good connections to major cities, it is [...]

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