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Do you want to do your job and not worry about the payroll?

Use our payroll-service from experts for experts.

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You can do your job. We’ll do ours.

When we founded our company in 1998, we quickly realised that payroll & accounting was in many cases extremely time-consuming for contractors and companies. So we developed our own payroll-service. We take care of all administration in a legally compliant and efficient manner. Questions about social insurance? We take care of that. Labour law? We take care of that. E-invoicing, pre-financing of wages, and possible dunning process? We’ll take care of it. You get the all-around carefree package. We do our job so that you can do yours even better.

What this means for Contractors

You receive your salary on time. Independent of the payment terms of the clients. And you don’t have to burden yourself with issues such as labour law, tax law, or administrative regulations. This leaves your head free for the essential tasks.

For Companies

Whether you have found external staff through us, other agencies, or yourself – you don’t want to burden yourself with even more administration and management? Then you need a reliable partner who, as your legal employer, will take on the associated duties and risks for you. We are that partner. From the registration of annual accounts to the deregistration of employees.

We answer all questions that arise for you with our legal know-how. Of course, you can bill all external employees through us and also remunerate other agencies for the placement if required.

For other Agencies

Do you place external staff with your clients? But you don’t consider the administration of this personnel placement as your core business. Then use our payroll-service and use us as the legal employer for the temporary staff and billing partner vis-à-vis the end client. We then take care of all the administrative aspects of this business.

RM Group’s comprehensive Payroll-Service

Your Benefits.

  1. Administrative relief: We take care of the paperwork. Not only quickly and reliably, but also digitally and smartly via our online portal. Often without any paper at all.
  2. Security: Yes, you can sleep soundly. Because our processes are secure. Even ISO certified. And we are solidly self-financed.
  3. Legally compliant solutions: even for complex problems. Our team of payroll specialists has many years of experience and in-depth knowledge.
  4. Transparency: There are no hidden costs with us.
  5. Timesaving: There is no need to deal with authorities, lengthy discussions about legal issues, and the like.
  6. Comprehensive support: We go the extra mile for you and take care of your needs personally.

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