Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment, Social affairs and Corporate Governance.

As part of our environmental management, we are committed to actively protecting the environment. As a service company, we also make our personal contribution to the environment and ensure that our business activities are sustainable.

All employees are considered as intellectual capital and therefore we believe that our success also depends on the sum of their skills and performance and thus on their individual commitment. That is why we want,

  • that we can all work under optimal health conditions;
  • that the individual is always respected and that everyone respects the rights and dignity of others;
  • that we develop talents, make the most of abilities and potential, and promote the exchange of information and open dialogue by having an “open door policy” in our office premises;
  • that diversity and equal opportunities are promoted;
  • that individual achievements and contributions to RM Group’s success are recognized.

For these reasons, we have decided to remain true to our motto of “Going the Extra Mile” when it comes to the environment and sustainability, and to introduce appropriate measures and framework conditions to protect the environment in the company.

Sensitisation of employees.

One of our goals is to make everyone aware of environmental problems and issues. We should not only adhere to guidelines within the company and during working hours, but also act responsibly towards the environment outside the company and in our free time. We therefore want to promote a sense of responsibility for the environment among all employees at all levels.

Sensible use of limited resources.

Our goal is also to minimize consumption, use limited resources sensibly and use renewable energies. We are committed to the careful and economical use of all resources, from procurement to orderly disposal. We therefore strive to minimize waste and ensure safe disposal. To this end, we have set up various collection points and when purchasing our office supplies, we rely on environmentally friendly products.

Renewable energies and minimal consumption.

Within the framework of economic efficiency and competitiveness, we reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption in our company by using environmentally friendly and advanced technologies. Also, wherever possible, our processes are digitized or even automated.

In our choice of electricity production, we therefore rely on renewable energies such as water or wind with the “naturemade star” certified product “ewz.ökopower” and use electronic equipment of energy efficiency class A or higher in our office.

Changes to the policy.

Our environmental policy may be updated at any time. We therefore recommend that you review it regularly.

Status 20.04.2021


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