Going the Extra Mile

You are special. That’s why you need a special service.
We go the Extra Mile for you.

Dictionary quote: “to go the extra mile, jargon (Anglicism after English “go that extra mile”) to push one’s personal limits; to accomplish more than is expected or required.” For us at RM Group, this is more than just a saying. It is our claim and we fill it with life day after day.

All-round Service

You work hard enough. That’s why we take care of everything else.

You move to Switzerland to take on an exciting property and earn good money. But a good job is not everything. A good life is part of it. To make sure you have a good life here in Switzerland, we help you not only with job placement and before, during, and after the application phase. We also help with many other things. Such as:

  • looking for a flat 
  • dealing with the authorities 
  • health and social insurance 
  • tax issues 
  • work permit 
  • and much more



Finding a good job is one thing, but you also need to be well received there.

Going the extra mile for you also means that we help you with onboarding in your new job. We inform you in detail about your new employer, give you background information and helpful tips on dealing with your new colleagues. For newcomers, there is a crash course on Swiss corporate culture and typical national sensitivities so that you can orientate yourself correctly in your new job straight away. In particular contractors already rooted in Switzerland appreciate our sophisticated pension fund and insurance options. Of course, we are also available as a partner for questions and special requests. Even if it’s just to recommend the best restaurant in the area.  


Extra Mile. Extra Benefits.

We work to ensure that you benefit from extra advantages. For example, as a Swiss company, we have access to the best pension fund solutions in Switzerland, which in turn can have a significant impact on your retirement package. As boutique specialising in IT specialists and other white-collar professionals, we have better-priced insurance terms, which translates into (significantly) lower deductions from your gross salary. Not only do you earn more on the job – you also receive a better pension after your working life. You also benefit from our strong network in Switzerland, which includes both local authorities and local service providers. We ensure fast approvals and first-class services: from relocation companies to the punctual transfer of your fee or salary. 


Your contact persons for a comprehensive Extra Mile Service.

Our Services

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  • Contracting-Service

    You pursue your career. We find the job for it. We do not only find the right job for you; we also make sure that everything fits.

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