10 ways to engage and retain the front-liners

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10 ways to engage and retain the front-liners Front-line workers are the backbone of an organisation, which is why top management should ensure a better employee experience. Retaining and engaging front-line workers is crucial for the success of any organisation. Front-line employees are the human interface between the customer and the company [...]

Promoting Diversity in the IT Industry: How to Attract More Women

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Promoting Diversity in the IT Industry: How to Attract More Women  In recent years, the IT industry has emerged as a growing and dynamic sector. However, there is still an imbalance in terms of gender representation, particularly when it comes to recruiting IT professionals. As a staffing agency specialized in placing IT experts in [...]

Working and living in Switzerland as a foreigner (EU/EFTA)

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Swiss Labor Market   The Swiss labor market remains strong and the Swiss economy continues to grow. As the economy continues to grow and the retirement rate increases, a significant labor gap is expected in the coming years, with forecasts estimating hundreds of thousands of job openings in the near future.   At the [...]

Recruiting Trends 2023

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Recruiting Trends 2023 The world of work is changing. To remain competitive, recruiters must stay up to date and adapt to the changing market.  We've put together 5 recruiting trends you cannot ignore in 2023.    1.Social recruiting  Social recruiting is one of the most important trends in talent acquisition. Companies are [...]

Diversity at RM Group

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Diversity at RM Group For us, diversity is more than just a marketing term. We live diversity out of conviction and at all levels of the company. Since our founding over 20 years ago, these have been values that are deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy. Diversity is a driver for a [...]

Quality of life in Switzerland

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Quality of life in Switzerland Switzerland lives up to its reputation of being safe, efficient, and liberal. Economically, the country ranks among the most productive and stable economies in the world. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has an excellent transportation infrastructure. Thanks to good connections to major cities, it is [...]

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