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Do you want the best jobs? Then work with the best recruitment service for Contractors.

Don’t settle for standard services. Choose a partner who offers you real added value. Because we spare no extra effort to represent you effectively.  With the RM Group, you have a well-established, successful team behind you with which you can tackle even the most ambitious goals. We go the extra mile for you. And if need be, even further. So that your next project is a complete success.

We adapt our service to your needs.
Not the other way round.

Every person is unique. Every contract is special. That’s why our matching & pre-selection goes beyond the standard procedure and develops an individual concept for each contractor and client. We keep at it until it is right for everyone involved. That is one of the reasons why we are successful.

Our Mission.
Your Career. Our Mission


Are you looking for something special? Are you looking for a challenge? Are you seeking new perspectives? Are you a specialist in IT, pharma, finance, or project management? Then we probably have just the right project for you. See for yourself.

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You already did find the right project. Now you want to focus on your work and not be bothered with paperwork, so you’re looking for the best payroll service?! Congratulations! You have found us.

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Going the Extra Mile

You are not only looking for an interesting project in Switzerland. You are also looking for someone who will help you arrive and feel comfortable. We accompany you through the entire application process and beyond.

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